First AppearanceSeason 2 ("The Smurfs Christmas Special")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Edgar was a human who appeared in the cartoon special "The Smurfs Christmas Special". His niece Guinevere and his nephew William were out in the forest riding in a sleigh with their grandfather when they were attacked by a pack of wolves that overturned the sleigh and caused great injury to their grandfather, though he wasn't killed. Fearing the worst when neither of the children had shown up at his chateau, he took his servants out into the forest to go find them, unaware that a man in a purple cloak was also seeking after the children to get revenge on Edgar for meddling in his affairs. In his search for the children, Edgar found their grandfather, who was injured from the overturned sleigh but not killed. He also came across Gargamel, who also was seeking after the children when the stranger paid him a visit, stating his intentions. Edgar offered to pay Gargamel ten pieces of gold for the children's safe return. However, later on when the children were released from the grasp of the stranger who was going to take them and Gargamel on "their final journey" to his home, William told his uncle that Gargamel was mean to them, which made Edgar very angry and threatening toward the wizard until Guinevere said they should not harm the wizard because Christmas is a time of forgiving. Edgar then relented and allowed Gargamel to go home without any harm before he took William and Guinevere home with their grandfather. He was entertained by the fact that the children had met Santa Claus and his little helpers, which turned out to really be Papa Smurf and his little Smurfs.

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