OccupationOriginally tormenter, later friend and ally of the Smurfs
AlignmentBad; later becomes good
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 4
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Dufus is a giant that Gargamel created in the episode "Gargamel's Giant". Because Gargamel was unable to find choke cherries in order to complete the formula that would bring his giant to life, he used smurfberries as its substitute. This resulted in the giant not only not being affected by the smurfberry pies being flung at him when he rampaged the village, but to Gargamel's exasperated surprise, actually liking the taste of smurfberries. Dufus possesses great strength due to his size, but rather limited intelligence as noted by his speech patterns. Dufus considers Gargamel his "father".


  • His name is a pun for "Doofus".

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