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Title Translation of
Dreamy's Nightmare
FrenchUn Schtroumpf pas comme les autres
SpanishLa pesadilla de pitufo Soñador
GermanTraumis Albtraum
ItalianL'incubo di Sognatore
DutchDroomsmurfs nachtmerrie

"Dreamy's Nightmare" is a Season 1 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


Dreamy's Nightmare

Dreamy sets off on his trip around the world, not knowing how short it will soon be

It's a usual day in the life of the Smurf Village: Smurfs working, Smurfs playing, Smurfs just being happy to be Smurfs...all except for Dreamy, who doesn't want to play smurfball with anyone, nor even want to try out Handy's new smurfberry-peeling machine. He craves excitement, wild adventures, places and things, seeing that nothing like that ever happens in the Smurf Village. He decides to talk to Papa Smurf about what he's feeling. However, Papa Smurf is more than surprised to hear from Dreamy that he wants to take a trip around the world. He tries to reason with Dreamy by telling him to think of all the dangers along the way, but Dreamy feels this dream is too big for him to ignore, so he's going to leave tomorrow.

Papa Smurf decides that maybe he can get Dreamy's fellow Smurfs to try talking him out of going on this trip. Soon, with Papa Smurf and Smurfette watching from the side of Dreamy's house, they see Greedy approach Dreamy with a delicious smurfberry dessert that he promises to make for him tomorrow and the next day and so on, but Dreamy just isn't hungry, and as he closes the door, Greedy's dessert just falls flat on the plate. Jokey thinks it's time for his extra-special "surprise", so as Brainy walks on cue in front of Dreamy's roof window, Jokey returns with a "surprise" to give to Brainy, which he receives approvingly as he opens up the box, only for it to explode in his face. As the other Smurfs laugh at the joke, Jokey says to Dreamy that this must mean he will be staying, but Dreamy tells Jokey he's wrong as he walks away from the window.

Dreamy's Magic Whistle

Papa Smurf gives Dreamy a magic whistle to take with him on the journey.

By tomorrow, Dreamy is all packed and ready to go. Smurfette is all in tears as she kisses her fellow Smurf goodbye, and Brainy reminds him of what Papa Smurf said about all the dangers that exist in the world. Papa Smurf gives Dreamy a magic whistle to take with him, so that in case he finds himself in danger, all he has to do is blow it, and it will take him straight back to the village. Dreamy thanks Papa Smurf and gives all his fellow Smurfs a final farewell wave before he sets off into the forest, singing and thinking about all the places he will see along the route of his journey.

Eventually the sun sets and Dreamy finds himself a nice place to sleep underneath a tree, as the journey is starting to make him tired. But into the night, as Dreamy sleeps, he is awakened by the various sounds of the night and sees dozens of eyes watching him. He tries to convince himself that it's nothing, that he should go back to sleep. By the dawn of the next day, a storm cloud covers the sky, and Dreamy is beset by a chilly wind that makes him desire blowing the whistle, but then he decides to just stick it out. Then the rain pours, and a lightning bolt strikes a nearby tree, forcing Dreamy to duck for cover inside a hollowed-out log...but then he gets scared out by a badger living inside the log. In his flight, he trips over a tree root and lands in a puddle, making him realize that traveling around the world isn't as much fun as he thought. Nevertheless, Dreamy proceeds onward, not knowing that he left behind his magic whistle that is soon picked up by a curious Gargamel who just happens to be walking out in the rain with his cat Azrael.

Soon the rain clears, and Dreamy is out of food. He sees a chicken farm nearby and decides to help himself to an egg, but as he does, he is pursued by a protective mother hen and her chicks until he ends up dropping the egg and getting stepped on by the hen. His face covered in mud, Dreamy sees that having adventures is "a real smurf in the neck". But later on, he forgets about his hunger as he floats down the river on a log, happily singing along as he drifts downstream, when Gargamel listens to the traveling Smurf approaching while he is busy fishing. Choosing to catch a Smurf instead of a fish, Gargamel waits for the Smurf to get closer, then swoops his net over him and brings him back to his castle despite that Smurf's unanswered cries for help that he's been kidnapped. He then shows the tied up Smurf the magic whistle he had found, wondering if it belongs to him. Dreamy tries to deny that it does, warning Gargamel not to blow the whistle, but he does, and instantly the evil wizard appears in the village to a bunch of startled Smurfs. Gargamel doesn't know how he got there, but he doesn't care at this point.

Meanwhile, Papa Smurf is busy in his laboratory when he hears the commotion going on outside. Some Smurfs passing by his house are saying Gargamel is in the village. Papa Smurf sees it for himself and, though wondering how Gargamel got there, gets busy working on a formula that would hopefully rescue the Smurfs from the evil wizard. Soon Gargamel has a handful of Smurfs in each hand, and soon also Papa Smurf comes out with his finished formula. He attracts Gargamel's attention, causing him to drop the Smurfs he has captured to grab Papa Smurf, who then douses him in a formula that causes him to drop Papa Smurf (who Hefty catches) and to trip and fall right on Smurfette's house. Smurfette then gets angry and screams. But to everyone's surprise except Papa Smurf's, Gargamel is now kind and gentle and very sorry for doing any harm to the Smurfs. Papa Smurf reveals that he has used a formula that makes whoever is doused with it behave that way.

But soon he gets his answer of how Gargamel got there, as Vanity appears with the magic whistle Papa Smurf gave Dreamy. Gargamel then says that he got it from the Smurf who's at his place, whom he left alone with Azrael. Realizing the danger that Dreamy is in, Papa Smurf leads his little Smurfs to go to Gargamel's castle to rescue him, with Gargamel tagging along. As they rush to his rescue, Dreamy is being pursued around the castle by Azrael, who tries to keep himself one step ahead of the cat. Soon Azrael has him cornered with no way out, until Gargamel arrives at the door to sweep his cat away with a broom. The Smurfs cheer as they see Dreamy alive, but before they could escape, Papa Smurf's formula wears off, and Gargamel is back to his old nasty self again, capturing the Smurfs and putting them in a cupboard while they prepare themselves for a Smurf feast.

Inside the cupboard, Dreamy blames himself for getting the Smurfs into this mess, but Papa Smurf tries to console Dreamy by saying that it wasn't his fault. Dreamy at this point wishes that he still had the magic whistle so they could get out of this, which Vanity says he now has. Telling every Smurf to join hands, Papa Smurf does the same with them as he blows the magic whistle and they all disappear. By the time Gargamel has the water ready for cooking Smurfs, he looks into the cupboard to find that his captured Smurfs are gone. Gargamel is left ranting and raving in utter anguish with his cat Azrael about not being able to stand the Smurfs anymore.

Back in the village, where every Smurf is now safe and sound, Papa Smurf asks Dreamy if he will be setting off on another adventure like that since he didn't get far on his last one. Dreamy adamantly says that he's had all the adventure he could take, which makes the other Smurfs cheer...though he quietly adds "at least for now".

Background Information

  • This episode is based on the original comic book story "The Smurf Not Like The Others" (which is also called "Traveling Smurf"), in which Smurfette does not appear.
  • Despite Dreamy's failure to travel around the world by running into Gargamel, Season 6 will introduce a Smurf character, Grandpa Smurf, who has successfully traveled around the world, and Season 9 will have seventeen Smurfs spending the entire season of episodes not only traveling around the world, but also through time.