Baby dragon
ExistenceReal in-universe
ResidenceAll parts of the world
First AppearanceJohan and Peewit

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A dragon is a serpent-like creature of legendary status. It is typically depicted as a huge, scaly, horned dinosaur-like creature, with leathery wings and the ability to breathe fire. There are many kinds of dragons: for example, the European dragon, the Chinese dragon, the Japanese dragon, and wyverns amongst others. Dragons have been featured in some Smurfs episodes, for example:

In both Johan and Peewit comic book “The Cursed Land” and its cartoon adaption “The Cursed Country”, an evil dragon calls Fafnir (Chamusquina in the comic version) which is belongs to a slave master, Monulf (Monulfo in the comic version), attacks the Smurf Village, capturing the Smurfs for slaves and destroys the village. Later, it even captures the King and brings him to Monulf’s cave. Soon, Johan and Peewit come to rescue and it is finally defeated as Papa Smurf uses Homnibus’ magic water stick to make it loses its ability of breathing fire. It also appears in the season 2’s intro sequence.

In the season 1 episode “St. Smurf and The Dragon”, the Smurfs find a baby dragon which is suffering from hiccups and eats all the glowberries which is needed for an invisible formula. The Smurf brings it to the village and treats it well. Later, it even saves the Smurfs by making the snowing clouds which is from Gargamel away and saves the Smurfs from freezing. But it is later caught by Gargamel to attack the village. But Gargamel fails as its mother comes to rescue.

In the episode “Sir Hefty”, a dragon comes to attack the forest, making fire disasters everywhere, in order to solve the problem the Smurfs find a knight calls Lancealout, however, he does not have any courage at all when the dragon approaches. Hefty Smurf becomes the hero as he leads the dragon to the bridge to let Papa Smurf release the dam gate and drown it.

In the season 3 episode “All Creatures Great and Smurf”, Gargamel follows his new pet, a silver-fanged growler, to catch the Smurfs, but he is accidentally leads to a dragon’s cave and he escapes immediately.

In the episode "The Golden Smurf Award," Hogatha blames a she-dragon she owns called Louise for her dry skin condition and it only makes the condition worse.

In the special "The Smurfic Games", Gargamel used fire breath of a dragon to activate the Medallion Of Poseidon.

In the season 5 episode "Brainy Smurf, Friend To All The Animals", dragons in a cave breathe fire on Brainy when he wants to help animals.

In the episode "Happy Unhappiness Day To You", Gargamel meets a kissing pair of dragons that breathe fire on him.

In the season 9 episode “Fortune Cookie”, Brainy Smurf spots a child dragon, asking if that is the "dragon" Grandpa is referring to, only to have the child dragon shoot flames towards him in response, leaving his face sooty.

In the following episode “Imperial Panda-Monium”, a dragon calls Lord Buttercup, which is the emperor’s pet appears in the episode. It becomes one of the Double Chan's blockade to becoming the emperor as it protects the emperor. He later gets rid of it by flying it away with a kite, making the emperor unhappy. However, it land on the Smurfs’ camp, the Smurfs helps it and they knows all the Double Chan’s plans. Double Chan fails to become to new emperor as the Smurfs and it come to rescue.

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