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Don Smurfo Cartoon
Don Smurfo
Also Known AsJokey Smurf (in one episode)
OccupationHero and adventurer
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 6
UniverseCartoon Show

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You may also be looking for the episode that goes by this name.

Don Smurfo is a Smurf character that exists only as a fictional character in his own series of books in the cartoon show universe. He speaks in an Italian accent and is usually portrayed as a swashbuckling Zorro-type character.

Jokey portrayed Don Smurfo in one episode in order to win Smurfette's heart. In another instance, the real Don Smurfo was transported out of his storybook to experience real-life situations in the Smurf Village; in a third, some Smurfs were transported into his storybook while he was transported out of it.

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