Disabled Smurf
First Appearance"The Disabled Smurfs" (comic book, exact date unknown)
UniverseComic Books

Comics Icon

Disabled (original French name Schtroumpf Eclopé) is a Smurf character who occasionally appears in the comic books. As his name suggests, he is a disabled Smurf who gets around on a wheelchair.

In his first appearance, he is one of three Smurfs (the others being Baker Smurf and Grouchy Smurf) who fell down a tree. They begin using crutches and then wheelchairs, but after the other Smurfs get fed up of Baker Smurf being too demanding, Disabled Smurf suggests they should be less selfish. After the three Smurfs make a garland for a party, Papa Smurf refers specifically to him as Disabled Smurf.

In the cartoon show, Hefty Smurf temporarily takes on this role in "Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer".

Smurf Disabled

Disabled Smurf`s figure, except that he has crutches, not a wheelchair.

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