Devil Smurf
RaceSmurf in appearance
Voice ActorArte Johnson
First AppearanceSeason 4

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Devil Smurf is a character that appeared in various episodes of the Smurfs cartoon show. He shows up along with Angel Smurf when a Smurf is faced with a moral dilemma that tempts him or her to do something evil, with Devil Smurf acting as the personification of that Smurf's innermost selfish desires. Though he was able to tempt most Smurfs into going along with their desires, he was unable to do the same with Papa Smurf due to his wisdom. His voice actor is Arte Johnson.

There was a Devil Smurf that appeared to Greedy Smurf in the form of Greedy in "The Smurfs and the Money Tree", but that one came specifically with the tree and is not related to the Devil Smurf that normally appears along with Angel Smurf.