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Title Translation of
Denisa's Greedy Doll
FrenchLa Petite poupée d'Agnès
SpanishLa Muñequita de Denisa
GermanDenisas Puppe
ItalianLa bambola di Denisa
DutchDenises pop

"Denisa's Greedy Doll" is a Season 8 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Gargamel is talking in his sleep about catching Smurfs, which makes Scruple get annoyed to the point where he decided to have some fun at his master's expense. He throws Denisa's doll into Gargamel's hands, and then he casts a fishing line and hooks onto the doll to make Gargamel do some sleepwalking, chasing the doll into the forest as his apprentice lures him onward. Meanwhile, Greedy is out in the forest with Puppy collecting smurfberries when he realizes that he is too close to Gargamel's lair, but then Scruple throws the doll over to where Greedy and Puppy are, and they see Gargamel approaching with his eyes still closed.

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Papa has a plan to stop the spell on Greedy.

Greedy tries to follow Puppy as he races back to the village with the carts of smurfberries, but then Gargamel trips and falls, only to awaken with a Smurf in his grasp. He rejoices in that his day has started off well, but then Puppy returns and growls at the evil wizard, causing him to drop his captive Smurf. Scruple tries to catch Greedy as he rides back to the village on Puppy, but he only manages to snag Greedy's apron, allowing his master's prey to escape. Gargamel scolds the young pupil for his failure to catch a Smurf, but as he looks at the apron in one hand and Denisa's doll in the other, he begins to think of a plan that will make his dreams come true.

Back in the Smurf Village, every Smurf in the dining hall seems disappointed that the only thing that they have for breakfast is one smurfberry each, but Greedy tells them that he doesn't want to spoil for their appetite for the meals he plans to make for his fellow Smurfs, which include smurfberry souffle (which is Tailor's favorite dish), smurfberry casserole (which is Hefty's favorite dish), and stuffed smurfberries. Papa Smurf wonders if this is such a tall order for Greedy to fulfill, and Greedy says that this day marks the anniversary of his first meal cooked in the Smurf Village, and that he's going to celebrate it by cooking each Smurf's favorite dish.

Meanwhile, back in Gargamel's castle, Scruple helps his master as he holds the doll onto which Gargamel sews Greedy's apron upon, and then with the spellbook, his master recites: "Little doll with stolen clothes, here's the spell that I propose, everything I make you do, the owner of the clothes will do". Soon the doll glows, and Gargamel laughs, meaning that the doll is ready for his evil use. As Greedy in the Smurf Village is ready to bake the smurfberry pies that he made with the Smurflings in his kitchen, Gargamel makes Denisa's doll clap her hands over her head, and at the same time, Greedy's arms move in the same fashion, causing the pies he was carrying to splatter over his head. The Smurflings simply imitate Greedy's movements as if he was playing some sort of game. But then they see Greedy acting very strangely as he spins around and walks on the table, stomping over more pies as he heads outside.

Scruple tells his master that it's too bad he can only catch one Smurf with his new magic doll, so Gargamel puts a transmitting crystal on a necklace, places it on the doll, and recites: "Let this crystal be my ears, so I will know what that Smurf hears; let this crystal be my mouth, so that when he talks, my words come out". Soon Gargamel hears the Smurflings talking with Greedy in his kitchen and decides to have Greedy tell them that he needs more smurfberries from the Great Oak. The Smurflings have no idea why Greedy is acting so strangely, but decide that they will get him the smurfberries if it will make him happy.

Gargamel is ready to go out into the forest with his net to catch Smurfs, but at that instant Denisa comes barging in, asking her uncle-in-law if he has seen her doll. Gargamel sees the doll right next to him, which Denisa hasn't noticed yet, and simply throws it out the window, saying that he hasn't seen her doll -- which causes Greedy to go flying out the window of his house. Denisa gets so upset that she screams "I want my dolly", causing the vials in Gargamel's laboratory to shatter as well as the transmitting crystal that her doll is wearing while Gargamel and Scruple plug their ears, not wanting to hear her scream. Gargamel finally tells his godniece that he has seen her doll, which makes her quiet as Scruple goes outside to find the doll, and Denisa is so happy to have her doll back that she cuddles it. Of course, the cuddling makes Greedy turn his smurfberry souffles into mush right before Poet Smurf's eyes.

Poet tells Papa Smurf about Greedy's strange behavior, which makes the village leader wonder what's cooking with him. But just before he could check up on Greedy, the village cook gets dragged out of his house by an unseen hand just as Denisa leaves Gargamel's house carrying her doll in order to find her uncle-in-law. Papa Smurf believes that Greedy is under some form of controlling spell, and says it usually requires a piece of stolen clothing. Greedy remembers that he had his apron stolen by Gargamel, so it must have been him that did all those things to Greedy and to tell the Smurflings to go out by the Great Oak -- which makes him and the other Smurfs realize that they are in danger.

Meanwhile, out in the Smurf Forest by the Great Oak, the Smurflings notice that something isn't right about the berries on the bushes, but before they could respond, Gargamel pops up from behind the bushes and scoops them up in his net to drop them into his bag. Then Denisa comes along and asks her uncle-in-law what's in the bag, if it's something for dinner, and Gargamel says that it is, and then he takes her doll and says that with it they will have a banquet. Denisa grabs for the doll and screams for Gargamel to give it back to her. While Papa Smurf and the other Smurfs with him hear the young girl's scream, they soon see Greedy being moved back-and-forth as if he is caught in an invisible tug-of-war. Soon the doll flies out of the human's hands, and Greedy also goes flying until he lands right next to the doll. Denisa grabs for Greedy instead of her doll, and she and Gargamel resume their tug-of-war, thinking that it's the doll that they're tugging with.

The Smurfs spot the doll with Greedy's apron on it, and Papa Smurf comes up with a plan. He has Tailor unravel thread from Gargamel's robe while he is distracted with his tug-of-war, and then with the thread they wrap it around Denisa's doll and toss it back to her so that she could find it again. Denisa notices that her doll is now wearing new clothes and that her uncle-in-law is only wearing his underwear, stockings, and socks. But Gargamel doesn't care about that, now that he has his captive Smurfs with which he will make dinner. Denisa decides that she will go and play at her uncle Lord Balthazar's castle, but as she drags her doll along, Gargamel ends up dropping the sack of captured Smurfs and gets dragged along the ground as well. All he could do is hope to get his godniece's attention as she continues to drag her doll along, telling it that it's only a few more miles to her uncle Balthazar's.

Back in the village, every Smurf is enjoying Greedy's Anniversary Banquet, which makes Papa Smurf happy as well as Greedy, who doesn't know what else he could say except, "Let's eat", as he dives headfirst into a big heaping serving of smurfberry pie.

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