Dark Ness Monster
Dark Ness Monster
GenderPresumably male
OccupationResident of Dark Ness Cavern
First AppearanceSeason 5 ("The Dark Ness Monster")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

The Dark Ness Monster is a creature that appeared in the cartoon show episode "The Dark Ness Monster". It is a monster that lives in the sweetest pool of chocolate in the Dark Ness Cavern, scaring away any who disturb him. In the episode, Brainy and Clumsy visit the cavern so that they may collect buckets of chocolate for Greedy's Smurfball Playoffs celebration cakes, but as Brainy got curious about the chocolate in the pool that the monster resided in, he ended up waking up the monster and lost his glasses in the pool. Upon their return to the cavern in order to get Brainy's glasses back, the Smurfs discover that the monster was now wearing the glasses and had actually scared away his visitors because he was unable to see. Papa Smurf allowed the Dark Ness Monster to keep Brainy's glasses in exchange for a bucket of chocolate so they could give it to the Sandman in exchange for his sleeping sands in order to make a new pair of glasses.

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