Dame Barbara
Dame Barbara
Also Known AsLady Gripe (comic book)
Lady Prattle (Magic Flute movie)
OccupationAdvisor to the King
Voice ActorLinda Gary
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show
Magic Flute
Name Translation of Dame Barbara
FrenchDame Barde

Johan IconCartoon IconSmurfs Village Icon

Dame Barbara (Fr. Dame Barde) is the bossy governess of the castle which Johan, Peewit and Princess Savina live with The King. Dame Barbara only wants what's best for Princess Savina. She was voiced by the late Linda Gary.

She appears in the original comic book story and animated version of The Smurfs And The Magic Flute under the respective names of Lady Gripe, Lady Beard and Lady Prattle, as one of Peewit's magic flute dancing victims.

She is the only one in the kingdom who is unaware that the Smurfs are real and she also unaware that Johan, Peewit, Princess Savina, and The King are friends with the Smurfs.

She doesn't really like Peewit.

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