Curried Smurfs
Date of First Airing11/4/1989
Directed byRay Patterson (supervising director)
Oscar Dufau
Don Lusk
Jerry Sabry
Paul Sommer
Story byReed Robbins
Glenn Leopold
Ernie Contreras
Sean Catherine Derek

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Curried Smurfs” is a Season 9 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

A cheat calls Gargapuri is on his way to the Rajah’s palace by his ox-pulled cart. While the cart is passing a stone, a whirlwind dumps the time-traveling Smurfs on the cart. Some Smurfs are being landed on the cart but the others do not. The Smurfs on the cart are still being carried away.

Meanwhile, back to the Smurfs that landed on the ground, Brainy thinks that the Smurfs have finally arrived at the village. But the others soon realize that they are not arrived at home yet. The Smurfs look up at a fruit tree at the moment; Greedy is enjoying some good fruit. Back to Papa Smurf and Smurfette, Smurfette asks Papa that where are they actually. Papa Smurf replies that they should be arrived at the “Land of Cobra”. Smurfette is really scared of knowing this. Brainy tells Smurfette that she has no worry as he promotes his new book. As he is promoting, he does not realize that a real cobra is right behind him until he spots. Strangely, he does not run, but standing like a piece of stone and looking at the Cobra instead. Smurfette exclaimed that Brainy is being hypnotized by the cobra. At the same moment, Greedy is picking some fruits and toss the rotten away. The fruit hit the Cobra accidentally and goes away. Greedy also gets down from the tree, Brainy tells him that he has just saved Brainy’s life by defeating the cobra. However, Greedy is surprisingly scared after hearing about the cobra. He hides behind some bushes immediately. Back to Papa Smurf, he picks up  crystals and suddenly notices that some Smurfs are missing. The Smurfs are surprised and shocked about this. Papa suggests that the Smurfs should start a search on the land. Brainy agreed Papa's words, picks away a stone, but result as two other cobra appears under the stone, Brainy jumps away for an escape. Meanwhile, Papa is ready for the search and starts moving.

Back to  cart, Grandpa Smurfs and the some other Smurfs who are in the cart are in a cage. Suddenly, they notice that a creature with long horns is also in the cage. The creature is fierce and rushes towards the Smurfs. Wild Smurf escapes from the cage and pulls the other Smurfs away from the cage and the danger of the creature before it can reach the Smurfs. The creature crashes into the cage and its horn stuck in the cage. It pulls and the horn comes off. Jokey puts his hands on the horn, realising that the horn is only a prop and the creature is only a dog.

Meanwhile, the cart is slowing down and enters the Rajah's palace. Gargapuri gets off from the cart and checks his goods. Gargapuri is furious as he finds out that the 'horn' has come off from the dog's head. He paints some glue on the 'horn' again and places it back. He carries another cage which locks a monkey. Wears a white, furry coat to disguise as a strange creature. Wild Smurf is looking at this, seeing the animals being tortured, feeling angry at the moment. Meanwhile, Rajah arrives to meet him. Gargapuri first asks the six-leg pony that he sold to Rajah last time, the Rajah says nothing but removes the pony's two fake legs, showing Gargapuri that he had cheated him. Gargapuri tries to explain and give the new 'special' animals to Rajah. However, Rajah is more clever this time as he calls his men to examine the animals. Wild Smurf leaves the cart at the moment to rescue the animals. He visits the trapped animals in Rajah's zoo, first a zebra, next a pair of tortoise, then an elephant. He tries to pull the cages and free the animals. Grandpa and Jokey come to see Wild, at the same time, they have been noticed by Gargapuri, Rajah and Rajah's guards. The dog rushed to them, and the Smurfs run away. Back to Gargapuri, he is being asked by about the Smurfs, although he does not know anything about Smurfs, noticing a big chance of getting rich from Rajah, he pretends to know about them and catches the three Smurfs right away. Back to the Smurf, they are hiding behind some bushes and escape from the dog, unluckily, they fail to get away from Gargapuri. The Smurfs run away again and Gargapuri chases at them, result as being stopped by Rajah's elephants. The elephant garbs Gargapuri up and tosses him away by its trunk. The Smurfs are running towards  cart, but they do not aware Rajah as he captures the Smurfs again. However, Gargapuri, who is being tossed up in the air at the moment, lands on Rajah and the Smurfs escapes in the mess. The Smurfs arrives at  cart and they are going to leave. But the dog is still chasing at them. Grandpa uses his stick to stop the dog approaching. The stick hits the dog's head hard and its 'horn' flies away and hits the bulls which pull the cart. The cows are scared and run away, also pulling the cart and getting the Smurfs away from the palace. Seeing the Smurfs getting away, Rajah blames Gargapuri for letting the Smurfs escape. Gargapuri promises that he will catch them gain, thus asks Rajah about the payments of the white monkey and the dog with horns he introduces. However, the animals disguise have been come off. Rajah is very angry at Gargapuri again and calls his men to kick Gargaprui away from his palace.

Back to the cart, the cart is rushing towards the river, Grandpa calls Wild try to stop the scared bulls from keep on running. Wild tries to do, but it is too late, and the three Smurfs have land on a swamp.

Meanwhile, Papa, Smurfette, Brainy, Greedy and Smoogle, are at a town searching for the lost Smurfs. They split up into three groups and find around the streets. Greedy passes a kitchen and sees a pot of curry on the table. He is interested in it and go to try its taste. He does not know that the curry is very spicy, the result as his face goes red and run away for water. He jumps into a pool and drinks a lot of water. At the moment,  cart arrives at the town with Gargapuri, the bulls pulling the cart also come to the pool for refreshment. Brainy pulls Greedy out of the pool and at the same time, , who goes to the back of the cart, announces the Smurfs. The  follows  and  tells the Smurfs that he smells something strange. The Smurfs and Smoogle climb on the cart, Brainy finds Grandpa's walking stick. They get confused about what happens to Grandpa Smurfs and the purpose of the cages on the cart, but at the same time, Gargapuri arrives and catches them all and locks them into the cages. Gargapuri soon heads for Rajah's palace again.

Back to Grandpa, Jokey and Wild. They are walking along the river to the town, where they guess they can find the other Smurfs. Suddenly, they noticed that  cart arrives again. They hide behind a rock for safety. Jokey spots that there is a pink furry ball on the cart, he soon realises that it is Smoogle. After seeing this, Grandpa says that they need to go to Rajah's palace again for a rescue.

At Rajah palace, Gargapuri shows the Smurfs and Smoogle to Rajah. Since being cheated by Gargapuri for so many times, he decides to examine the Smurfs and Smoogle. Rajah's men wash, brush at them, also pull their tails, there is no clue to show that the Smurfs and Smoogle are fakes. Rajah is pleased and decides to give Gargapuri some gold for rewards. Gargapuri leaves the palace with great joy.

Outside the palace, Grandpa, Jokey and Wild are discussing how to get into the palace.  tries to climb the wall but he slips down. Luckily, Wild can climb very well and he climbs to the top of the walls. Then, throws two vines for Grandpa and Jokey to climb up. Then jumps down onto the ground. Strangely, there is a rope in front of them. Jokey thinks that it is a fence, but Wild notices that it is an alarm system. The Smurfs passes through the rope with care.

Back to Gargapuri. he is still very happy about the money. He rubs the gold on his face. The paints on the gold come off. The gold brick is just a piece of simple building brick instead. Gargapuri is furious and heads back to the palace to  Rajah a lesson.

Back to the palace, Grandpa, Jokey and Wild are seeing the Smurfs and Smoogle being trapped in cages. They are wondering how to free them. Jokey takes out his exploding surprises and throws it out, causing an explosion with a loud noise. This distracts the guards away to check around the palace. Grandpa, Jokey and Wild arrive to save the Smurfs. Grandpa Smurf tries to unlock the cage by his hands but fails to do so, unless his walking stick is back.  gives Grandpa his walking stick and he unlocks it again. However, the palace guards are back, Grandpa stops and hides under the cage. The guards spot something unusual under the cages and they look inside it. The hiding Smurfs are worried that they are currently in a danger of being found.

Outside the palace, Gargapuri is getting into the palace by jumping through the wall. He successes, but activates the alarm. The guards go away again, leaving the Smurfs. Grandpa unlocks the cage and all the Smurfs are free. After all the Smurfs are free, they also start to free Rajah's animals. However, Gargapuri arrives and captures some Smurfs again. Rajah also arrives as seeing his animals running everywhere. He suspects Rajah steals the animals. Gargapuri tries to explain but results as locked in the cages. Rajah tries to stop the mess and captures the animals again, but fails and being locked as  does.

Both the Smurfs and Rajah's animals are free and gathers beside the river. Papa Smurf praises Wild for saving the animals and the Smurfs. Greedy makes some curry at the same moment. Since he has experience curry that is too spicy, he makes it milder when cooking. However, it still remains spicy which Greedy's face turns red again. A Rajah's elephant pours some water to Greedy. Finally, Greedy thanks the elephants for doing that and passes out.