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Title Translation of
Crying Smurfs
FrenchLarmes de Schtroumpfs
GermanWeinende Schlumpfe
ItalianUna gran voglia di piangere
DutchHuilende Smurfen

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"Crying Smurfs" was an episode that appeared in Season 6 of the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Smurfette wakes up after Weepy starts crying, she asks him what's the matter. He told her that one of her flowers is dying (although they look fine), and starts wailing. Smurfette consoles her friend, telling him that flower can be replaced. But all Weepy could do is just constantly crying. Meanwhile at his lab, Papa Smurf was demonstrating his new formula. However something went wrong and it explodes, sending him flying out of his house, just as Weepy saw him and went to catch him in time, only to have them both crashes into a heap of logs. Papa thanked Weepy for saving him in time, but all Weepy could response to him is his wailing and blames his own accident of having Papa Smurf's roof blown to smithereens. Papa calms him down and tells him that it'll take a while for a roof to be fixed, but Weepy tells him that it isn't only one thing but another, and walks away - still crying.

Along the way, Weepy met Hefty who is exercising as usual. Hefty gets fed up of the way Weepy has been crying all the time, although Weepy couldn't help it because he was worried about Smurfette's flowers and Papa Smurf. When all of a sudden - one of the dumbells fell on Hefty's foot, in which was seriously hurt. No sooner when Farmer arrives to tell Weepy that he have to help Greedy for his salad, while Hefty walks away to sort out his injured foot.

Soon the Smurfs starts to mend Papa Smurf's room, just as he finishes his new formula. Later Weepy and Farmer arrives to find out where the smell comes from, then Papa comes out showing a rose, which were the smell comes from. Farmer thought it's a prettiest rose he has ever smurf, then Papa asks Weepy what would he thought of it, when Weepy nearly collapse into Papa's hands, which spilling his new formula into an onion! Weepy comments that it's simply wonderful, which makes Papa feeling pleased and he went off to test his formula on a smurfberry. Then Farmer and Weepy went off to take some crops to Greedy for his salad, while Weepy has to carry some basket of onions to him - still crying.

Greedy thanked Farmer and Weepy for their work, and went on to make his salad. However as he is about to cut an onion to slices, a strong smell came up to his eyes - causes him to start crying. Later as the Smurfs were called to have their salad by Greedy, Smurfette checks on Hefty to ask him if he would like to join in, which he responds which they would go on without having him around. But no sooner after Smurfette and the other smurfs had their salad, they all started crying too, thanks to a strong smell of an onion! Even Smurfette cries for her flowers, Poet's tears soak the poem he tries to recite, and Jokey cries so much, that his present got all soaky.

Soon Hefty arrives to find the weepers at the village well, longing to smile again. Smurfette response to him that it is too sad to talk about, and they continue crying - although they do not know that their tears filled up the well and starting to flood the village! Hefty comments that he can't stand crybabies, and he also claims that a tought smurf like him never cries. Meanwhile Papa Smurf and Weepy arrived back at the village, only to find the whole place had been flooded with tears!

Soon Papa realizes what has caused a problem, after he puts a glass on top of a strong-smelling onion. Weepy wails and blames himself over the accident while trying to hug Hefty, who tells him to smurf over it. Papa tells his little Smurfs not to cry over 'spilled milk' and they (Papa, Grouchy, Handy, Hefty and Weepy) went off to find a slime pond outside Gargamel's hovel, to make his antidote. Weepy thought it's terrible and bumps into Hefty, who tells him to get over it. Weepy cries that he wants to go as it was all his fault, but Papa tells him that it is best for him to stay put, and they carried on walking.

Later they had reached their destination and Hefty fills up the mud into a glass, but as they were about to go back to the Smurf village, Gargamel and Azrael arrives to catch them for his meal. They escapes and the two fiends chases after them through the woods, luckily Weepy had hidden in a grass, and as soon as they had left, he went to the slime pond to re-fill the mud for Papa's antidote. As the chasing continues, Weepy has finally filled up the mud and went back to find Papa - only to have found that Papa Smurf was nowhere to be seen. However Papa and Hefty heard who it was, and thought Weepy must of followed them. All alone and feeling disheartened, Weepy starts crying and blames himself for having Papa being eaten by Azrael. But he wouldn't be crying for long, as he saw the cat behind his back, and rans off to hide in a bush. Azrael jumps into it and scrambles about inside, leaving the other smurfs watching in horror as the cat chews Weepy's handkerchief in his mouth. Just as Gargemel went to get his cat out of the bush, and they all hid in the bushes. As Gargamel asks his cat what has he got in his mouth, they both saw Weepy who is still hiding from the bottom of the bush - still crying for his fate. Then Gargamel grabs him (causes Weepy to drop the antidote to the ground), and the two fiends walks back to his hovel to make their dinner. After they had gone, Papa felt so reliefed to have found his antidote had been refilled - still left in one piece, and thought Weepy must of helped them. And Hefty found Weepy's 'chewed' handkerchief and tells his friends that is what's all left of Weepy, and they started crying again (minus Papa and Hefty)

Back at the village, the antidote is ready to stop the crying Smurfs. Papa tells his little smurfs that if it wasn't for Weepy, he hadn't finishing his antidote. And Hefty thought they were goners too. All the other Smurfs thought Weepy was so brave. Later at his hovel, Gargamel is just about to claiming his success and cooking his dinner. Weepy overhears his comments of 'being a failure' and once again, starts to cry for him. Gargamel was so surprised that he had never saw a smurf felt so sorry for him for once. Meanwhile at the village, although the antidote has stopped the crying, the Smurfs still mourn for their crying friend. Even Hefty feels a little teary, Smurfette tells him that it's ok for him if he feels so sad. But Hefty feels so mad that he has to do something about it, and went off to find where Weepy has went to.

Later Gargamel starts to cry that he felt so miserable for no one respects him - as well as his mother, even Weepy still feeling sorry for the wizard. Then Hefty climbs up a window of the hovel, and was shocked to see Weepy was still alive! Gargamel and Weepy still feeling so regrettable to each other, but soon Gargamel realizes what he was saying, and grabs the crying Smurf out of his cage. But as soon as he was about to drop him in his cauldron, Hefty jumps into a knife to send an onion flying into Gargamel's eyes, causing Weepy to fall into his fate - only to be rescued by the strong smurf, just in time! And soon they both escapes and went back to the village, while the evil wizard has a cauldron stuck on his head, while ranting on his failure!

After they both went safely back home, Hefty tells his crying friend that he thought Weepy had been a goner, he had felt bad about it- and finally bursts into tears! Smurfette tries to comfort him, while Weepy felt so touched that Hefty cares for him that he cries. And they both still crying endlessly, as Papa hands them their handkerchiefs to stop their teary eyes, commenting that they're one happy family again.


  • Hefty has cried before; a few examples being "Clumsy Luck", "Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer", and "Smurfquest".
  • There's a goof in this episode that occurs when the Smurfs mourn for Weepy's assumed "death". After Poet recites his poem in his honor, there is a shot that shows Handy without his overalls. In the next shot, his overalls are present.
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