Crown Of The Titans
The Silver Crown (crown used by Greedy)
Crown of the Titans
PurposeControls other people
First AppearanceSeason 4

Cartoon Icon

The Crowns Of The Titans are a pair of magical crowns that appear in the cartoon show episode "The Master Smurf". According to Mother Nature, the crowns were once worn by two Titans that have waged war with each other. The crowns gave each wearer the power to control anyone they desire, including another who wore such a crown, although the effects cast upon another crown wearer are temporary, and for all others water is the only element that can dispel the crown's effects. However, as both Titans had equal power with the crowns, neither of them was able to defeat the other. As they reached old age, the Titans realized that the battle was futile and destroyed much of the forest, and so they decided to throw away their crowns and spend what years they had left in their lives pursuing Titanesses.

At the present time of the story, Miner had found one of the crowns and had given it to Greedy for safekeeping. However, Greedy's curiosity over wearing a crown got the better of him and he put it on, only for the crown's power to take over his mind and give him power to control most of the village into doing his bidding. Papa Smurf, who became a victim of the crown's effects until it was dispelled with water, went with Smurfette, Brainy, and Clumsy to search for the other crown. However, before putting the crown on, Papa Smurf recited a magic spell that would prevent his mind from being overtaken by the crown's power. He eventually confronted Greedy and the two of them engaged in a struggle with each other until Papa Smurf caused Greedy to hang upside-down from a tree like a bat. As Greedy was compelled to do that, the crown fell off his head. With Greedy no longer controlled by the crown, the Smurfs gave them both to Mother Nature for safekeeping.

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