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The Cousin Smurfs are a group of characters that appear in the comic book story "The Smurfs And The Snake Post". They live in a village similar to the Smurf Village, and they are nearly identical in their personalities. However, the cousin Smurfs wear green hats and pants, their Papa Smurf wears red but has a brown beard, their Farmer Smurf wears blue overalls, their Handy Smurf wears green overalls, and their Smurfette has brown hair, and wears a white dress along with a green hat and shoes.

Relationship with Smurfs

Due to Smurfs not physically reproducing, how they are cousins is unknown. However, since they have a Papa Smurf, it is likely to be Grandpa Smurf's other adopted stork-brought son, and Papa Smurf's brother. Therefore, this Papa Smurf is probably the Smurf's "Uncle Smurf."


  • Oddly, they have a Smurfette in their village, despite Smurfs being an all-male species. It's possible that they have their own enemy who created her.
  • Because their Papa Smurf has a brown beard, he looks like the young Papa Smurf from the usual Smurf Village as he appeared in the cartoons during flashbacks. The only time that the present-day Papa Smurf sported a brown beard in the cartoon show was in the episode "Papa's Wedding Day".

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