Count Gregorian
Count Gregorian in human form
Count Gregorian in raven form
Count Gregorian
Also Known AsRaven Wizard
RaceHuman (Past), Raven (Currently)
Voice ActorUnknown, possibly Paul Winchell
First AppearanceSeason 2
UniverseCartoon Show

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Count Gregorian, also known as the Raven Wizard, is an evil wizard who was cursed to have his head turn into that of a raven. When a temporary spell restoring his human head starts to wear off, he steals a magical gem called the Heart Diamond and kidnaps Princess Savina while posing as her new tutor. He whisks them both to his castle as he needs them to change himself back to normal permanently by using the power of the diamond to drain the princess of her energy. It's up to Peewit and Johan to save Savina from him with the help of the Smurfs. After surviving an attack by ravens under Gregorian's control, they track him down to his castle just as he is about to use the diamond on an entranced Savina. While Johan distracts the wizard, Peewit comes to Savina placing himself next to her. In doing this, he gets in the way of the ray projecting from the Heart Diamond, causing it to overload and self-destruct, turning Gregorian into a complete raven presumably forever. He has only appeared in one episode ("The Raven Wizard").

He was probably voiced by Paul Winchell.


His known powers include flying (despite the fact that while his head is a raven's, he is human from the neck down), putting people in a trance, controlling animals to do his bidding (or at least ravens), and turning objects and even people into ice.


  • Little is actually known about Count Gregorian other than that he was once a human wizard, until his tampering with the Dark Arts resulted in him being cursed with a raven's head. Judging from his name and his vague accent, he appears to have Eastern European roots, possibly Russian. Perhaps longevity can be added as well, because before his true identity was discovered, everyone seemed to think he was just a legend.