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Clockwork Smurfette Cartoon
Clockwork Smurfette
RaceMachine (Smurf form)
OccupationClockwork Smurf's Companion
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 7
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Clockwork Smurfette is a mechanical Smurf character that appears in Season 7 and 8. She was created by Handy. She initially fell in love with her creator, which created no end of trouble for both Handy and the other Smurfs, but her affections soon switched over to Clockwork Smurf and became his female companion.

Her appearance is slightly like Smurfette, but she has dark hair and wears it in pig tails with purple ribbons. Like Clockwork Smurf, she is incredibly strong, enough to spin Gargamel around above her.

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