RaceHuman in appearance
OccupationServant of Bacchus
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 1 (single episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Cicero was a servant of Bacchus, the host of the paradise realm that Lazy had encountered in his dream along with Brainy and Greedy in the episode "Paradise Smurfed". He was dressed in the manner of a Roman servant.

Cicero was the one who greeted Lazy at the waterfall and invited him to enter his master's paradise realm, which Lazy accepted, only to also be joined by Brainy and Greedy. Later, during the game of "hide and hunt" that Bacchus and the three Smurfs engaged in, he helped his master find the hiding Smurfs by encouraging him, and then when the Smurfs had discovered the hidden castle behind the barrier, he told the chef working for Bacchus that what was on the menu was souffle a la Smurf.

Fortunately for Lazy, Cicero along with Bacchus were just parts of a dream that Brainy and Greedy had awakened him from.

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