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First AppearancePussy Cat

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A cat is a domesticated animal that humans keep as pets. Cats are for the most part considered dangerous animals toward Smurfs because they tend to chase after anything smaller than themselves that resembles a mouse, which include Smurfs.

In mainstream Smurfs media, Azrael is the most common cat that the Smurfs come across in the Smurf Forest. During the Smurfs' time-travel adventures in Season 9, they came across cats that were pets of Gargamel's various ancestors and relatives. The Felions which the Smurfs dealt with in the Gnoman coliseum were a breed of cat that was used for the purpose of entertainment by the Gnoman ruler Julius Geezer.

Besides that franchise, Peyo also developed a comic strip for European audiences called Poussy that chronicled the adventures of a common modern-day house cat.

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