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Title Translation of
Calling Dr. Smurf
FrenchLe Schtroumpf touche-à-tout
GermanDoktor Schlumpf rufen
ItalianUn dottore a Pufflandia
DutchBericht voor Dokter Smurf
12. Voláme lekára šmolka

"Calling Dr. Smurf" is a Season 6 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

It is the start of another beautiful day in the Smurf Village, and as the Smurfs are already busy with their everyday things, Dabbler steps outside his door to see what he could do that day. At that moment, Brainy is giving Smurfette a copy of his 20th edition of Quotations Of Brainy Smurf, which turns out to be a really big book for her to carry. Smurfette tries to give her copy back to Brainy so he can give it to someone else, but Brainy says that each copy has been personally autographed. At that point Dabbler asks Brainy if he could have a copy of his latest book. Brainy is rather reluctant to do so, saying that Dabbler hardly ever finishes anything, but Dabbler promises that he will read through it this time. As Brainy goes to get a copy, Dabbler's attention is then turned toward Hefty doing some stretching exercises before his morning jog. Dabbler decides he will join Hefty, saying that he's been thinking about getting into shape.


Brainy And Dabbler

As Dabbler follows Hefty, his attention is then turned to Painter working on his latest masteurpiesa and he ends up asking if he could do some work on the painting. Painter lets him have a shot at finishing up what he started on the canvas, but as Dabbler tries to paint in a cloud, he gets distracted this time by Handy carrying wooden boards to Smurfette's house and offers to help, saying that he would make a good carpenter. In the meantime, Brainy wonders where Dabbler went while Painter returns and sees that his painting just had a cloudburst. As Dabbler helps Handy pound some nails into the wall of Smurfette's house, he gets distracted by seeing Farmer carrying a load of grain in his wagon and ends up hitting Handy's finger with the hammer. Handy angrily tells Dabbler that this wouldn't have happened if his fellow Smurf kept his mind focused on only one thing.

Soon the Smurfs are all gathered at Papa Smurf's laboratory as the village leader treats Handy's finger with an ointment and a bandage. Dabbler finds himself fascinated by Papa Smurf's work in the art of medicine and healing, saying that he has now found his true calling. The other Smurfs including Papa Smurf laugh at this since they knew from previous experiences that Dabbler had other "true callings" before, but Dabbler says that this time he feels certain that this is his true destiny. Papa Smurf says that being a physician takes great concentrated study, and so gives the young Smurf a physician's reference guide that he borrowed from Homnibus so that Dabbler could see for himself.

By nightfall, Papa Smurf sets out from his house to get to Homnibus' hovel by daybreak when his little Smurfs draw his attention to Dabbler's house. They see through the window that he has been in constant study of the reference guide, with Smurfette saying that he hasn't stopped reading the book. She wonders if Dabbler is serious about truly becoming a physician, and Papa Smurf says they can only hope.

By the start of the following day, Dabbler is hanging a shingle by his door, now wearing a doctor's outfit and announcing himself as the village doctor. He asks if anyone will want to be his first patient, but the gathered Smurfs all leave, with Dabbler wondering where he will find someone to give medical care to. As Jokey tags along with Dabbler, he calls attention to Hefty sitting on a mushroom, panting for breath. Dabbler does an examination of Hefty's condition before Hefty tells Dabbler through the stethoscope that he's been exercising. Then Jokey sees Handy at Smurfette's house with a skin condition that makes Dabbler think it's flaking off. Dabbler tries to offer some medicine to deal with the problem, but Handy tells Dabbler that it's just sawdust and blows it off his arm to prove it. Dabbler feels discouraged that he can't do anything useful with his medicinal knowledge, and Smurfette thinks that Dabbler would just give up unless the Smurfs give him something that would make him feel useful.

Jokey overhears this and comes up with an idea. At night he sneaks around the village and paints various Smurfs with pink spots while they are sleeping. By morning, Vanity wakes up to seeing pink spots on his skin, and rushes out to tell his fellow Smurfs when he runs into Clumsy, seeing that he also has pink spots. Brainy also wakes up to seeing pink spots, which is soon followed by Jokey playing really sick and saying there's only one Smurf who can help them now since Papa Smurf is gone.

Smurfette's Bandaged Foot

Dabbler just overdoes his medicinal work as Doctor Smurf.

At Dabbler's house, which has been converted into an infirmary, Dabbler is busy tending to Smurfette's stubbed toe by overdressing her foot with a bandage when he sees the pink-spotted Smurfs coming in, looking really sick. While Smurfette tries to make the spotted Smurfs comfortable, Dabbler looks through his medical book and discovers that they have contracted the Spotted Pink Plague, a condition that he reads will worsen until the patient becomes terminal. As the supposedly infected Smurfs "experience" one of the symptoms, Dabbler tells them not to worry because there is a cure and he will be back with it as fast as he can. While he goes out to find the cure, Smurfette wipes Clumsy's forehead with a cloth and finds out that the spots are pink paint. Jokey then reveals that the whole thing was an elaborate prank played to make Dabbler feel useful. However, Brainy reads the medical book and discovers that the cure for the Spotted Pink Plague is swamp root from Brackish Bog, the home of the bog goblin. Jokey says that Dabbler wouldn't be foolish enough to go there to get there...but then wonders if he was.

Meanwhile, Dabbler is already at Brackish Bog gathering up swamp roots near the rocks that are in the brackish muck. He hops onto what he thinks is another rock, but as he tries to pull the root, Smurfette calls out to him with Jokey and Brainy accompanying her. Dabbler tells the two Smurfs with her that they should be home in bed, but then the rock he is standing on reveals itself to be the head of the bog goblin that gives chase to the Smurf across the bog. Dabbler tries to climb up a vine for safety, but the bog goblin persistently jumps up and snaps away at the vine until there's little left for Dabbler to hold onto. Then as the bog goblin jumps again, he is dazzled by the light reflecting from the examiner's headband on Dabbler's head, blinding him enough for Dabbler to jump across to safety and join his fellow Smurfs. They quickly get through the passage in the rocks just as the bog water washes over them.

Dabbler is glad that he now has the cure for the Spotted Pink Plague, but he quickly sees that the spots are washing off the Smurfs and discovers that he has been fooled by pink paint. Jokey was telling Dabbler that he wanted to help make his fellow Smurf feel useful, but Dabbler just throws his doctor's equipment on the ground, believing that Jokey only made him feel useless. As Smurfette scolds Jokey for trying to fool Dabbler, the village prankster starts to feel really sick, and Clumsy notices that Jokey is starting to get real pink spots. He quickly goes to tell Dabbler that he is truly in need of medical help, but Dabbler isn't buying it until the other Smurfs show up and say that the spots are real, and Smurfette tells Dabbler that Jokey's life is now in his hands.

Dabbler has Jokey brought to his house to be cared for until Papa Smurf returns, who sees that his little Smurfs had quite a time while he was away. Dabbler discovered that Jokey's condition was simply an allergic reaction to pink paint, and that with a special skin cream he should be up and about in a few days. Papa Smurf commends Dabbler for doing an excellent job, and Dabbler says that this time he's going to devote days and weeks to the study of medicine, with Papa Smurf saying it could also take years. The mention of years gives Dabbler some pause until he sees Farmer passing by outside his house, and then he hands over his doctor's equipment to Papa Smurf to take over as the physician while he goes to give Farmer a hand, saying that he always thought he would make a good farmer. Jokey sees that Dabbler is back to being his old self again.