OccupationRuler of the Roman Empire
First AppearanceSeason 9 ("Greedy's Master Pizza")
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Caesar, going back to the Roman dictator Julius Caesar, was a name for all rulers of ancient Rome, similar to the name "Sultan" for all Arabian rulers. Caesar is also a human character who appeared in the cartoon series Season 9 episode "Greedy's Master Pizza". He is the ruler of the Roman Empire who, in the episode, was visiting the city of Al Fresco the pizza chef, a city in which he was hosting a pizza making contest. The winner of the contest would be awarded the position of Caesar's head pizza maker.

The timelost Smurfs appeared in Al Fresco's kitchen as he was preparing the ingredients for making the contest pizza, the scent of which attracted Greedy's nose as he sampled a slice of the pizza pie. However, while Al Fresco slept in his kitchen, Greedy Smurf tried to look for the recipe of the human chef's pizza when he was trapped under an overturned strainer. From there, Greedy saw a rival pizza chef named Gargensole sneak into the kitchen to switch Al Fresco's pizza ingredients with his own so that he would come out the winner of the contest instead.

In the morning, at the time of the contest, Caesar showed up to sample the pizza pies that would be made by its chefs. The only contestant who had shown up was Gargensole, who had made a pizza using the stolen ingredients from Al Fresco's kitchen. Caesar found Gargensole's pizza to be delicious and was about to give him the first-place ribbon when Al Fresco showed up just in time to have the ruler of Rome sample his pizza from his portable pizza oven. Caesar was so impressed by both the taste of the pizza and its innovative delivery system that he awarded Al Fresco the position of head pizza maker instead of Gargensola, who in his rage flipped his own pizza right onto Caesar's head, resulting in him and his cat Scampi to be thrown into a dungeon.


Caesar is similar in appearance to the actor Edward G. Robinson when he played the title role in the classic Hollywood film "Little Caesar".

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