AlignmentNeutral, later good
Voice ActorNorma MacMillan, Russi Taylor
First AppearanceSeason 3
UniverseCartoon Show

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Brenda is a young little witch from Witch Haven Conservatory who first appears in Season 3's "The Littlest Witch" and then later in Season 6's "Scruple's Sweetheart". In her first appearance, Brenda was chastised by her teacher Miss Snarly for failing to be an evil witch like her fellow students and was given one last chance to become one by changing a songbird into a bat or she will be expelled. In her attempts to turn songbirds into bats, which only resulted in one turning into a butterfly and another turning into a frog, she came into contact with Smurfette who scolded her for tampering with Mother Nature's creations.

Brenda explained that she was supposed to be evil, but Smurfette and Hefty Smurf challenged her to become good, which she had no idea what that was supposed to be. Smurfette took Brenda to the Smurf Village so that Papa Smurf could teach her to be good, but as she was trying to be good, Brainy had insulted Brenda, which made her change Brainy into a pig. Later, when Papa Smurf changed Brainy back into a Smurf, Brenda's teacher changed Brainy into a chicken and also kidnapped Scaredy, forcing Papa Smurf to surrender himself unto her. Brenda took Papa Smurf with her to confront her teacher while Hefty and Smurfette sneaked into the teacher's office to rescue Scaredy and to get a page from her spellbook in order to change Brainy back into a Smurf.
Brenda - Smurfs
As Brenda's teacher gave chase to Brenda and Papa Smurf, the village leader fell off Brenda's broom and was clutching onto a root for dear life over a ravine. Brenda's teacher now had Papa Smurf at her mercy, but Brenda saved Papa Smurf by turning the teacher's broom into an anvil, causing her to plunge into a ravine and be soaked by the river, which would make her lose her powers for a year. After returning to the village, Papa Smurf used the page from the teacher's spellbook to change Brainy back to a Smurf, though he was still biased against Brenda's presence in the village. Brenda learned from that adventure that she had the capacity for doing good and had planned on traveling the world doing good deeds with her powers, the first of which was to change a songbird that she turned into a butterfly back into a songbird.


  • It can be assumed that Brenda is the same age as Peewit and Scruple.