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Smarty Party 1
The Smarty Party tent.
Smarty Party 2
An indoor swimming pool.
Smarty Party 3
An ice sculpture made in Brainy's likeness.
Smarty Party 4
The Smarty Party tie.
The Brainy
Brainy doing the steps to the official Smarty Party dance, The Brainy.
You may also be looking for the cartoon episode called by this name.

Brainy's Smarty Party was a one-time event held by Brainy Smurf in the episode "Brainy's Smarty Party". It was a special party held by invitation only to those who knew the secret password -- which turned out to be "Brainy".

Brainy's Smarty Party was held in a big party tent, which was decorated with all sorts of items bearing his likeness -- curtains, balloons, chairs, and even an ice sculpture. It had plenty of food for the guests to enjoy, and an indoor swimming pool to relax in. Each party guest had to wear a Smarty Party tie that had Brainy's likeness on it, though in Smurfette's case, she wore a bandanna that featured Brainy's likeness. The party host, Brainy, sat on a special throne made for himself and directed all the activities that went on in the party from there -- including a special dance called The Brainy to which he had mapped out all the steps with a special foot chart.

However, Brainy's Smarty Party had rules that everyone had to obey. Though not all of them had numbers, the rules that were pointed out by Brainy himself were:

  • No one could use the indoor swimming pool without wearing the Smarty Party tie.
  • No one under 150 years old could attend the Smarty Party (i.e., no Smurflings were allowed).
  • (#768) All Smarty Party guests must do The Brainy dance.
  • (#902) No Smarty Party guest can play a joke on Brainy.
  • (Unsaid) No Smarty Party guest can say they hate doing The Brainy.
  • (Unsaid) No sleeping during the Smarty Party
  • (#4) No changing ties during the Smarty Party
  • (#3) No Smarty Party guest can make Brainy look ridiculous.
  • (#1) No Smarty Party guest can stick out their tongue at Brainy.
  • (#2) No Smarty Party guest can call Brainy an idiot.
  • (#765) No Smarty Party guest can remove food from Brainy's Smarty Party.

It was because of the rules that Brainy's Smarty Party had problems right from the start. The Smurflings, who wanted to be a part of the party, were excluded from it due to their age. Smurfette and the others wanted to do a different dance other than The Brainy, but were not allowed to do so. Jokey was excluded from the party for violating Rule #902. Grouchy was excluded for violating the unsaid rule about The Brainy dance. Lazy was excluded for violating the unsaid rule about sleeping. Vanity was excluded for violating Rule #4. Clumsy was excluded for accidentally violating Rule #3. The guests who witnessed Clumsy's exclusion from the party decided to revolt and cause further violations, such as Smurfette violating Rule #1, Hefty violating Rule #2, and Greedy, testing Brainy's knowledge of his own Smarty Party rules, violating Rule #765. Soon others had left the party, though without violating any rules, leaving Brainy the only person left in his party.

Fortunately for the excluded guests and the later ones that left of their own will, the Smurflings had set up their own party tent and held the Outcast Party in it, which allowed its guests to do anything they want to do to have fun, just by being themselves. Brainy, who was frustrated over trying to get his fellow Smurfs to have fun his way, decided to put an end to his Smarty Party and humbly attended the Outcast Party, where he was accepted along with everyone else. However, Papa Smurf, who was earlier invited to the Smarty Party and arrived there later to see Brainy be the only Smurf left in his party, decided to enjoy the indoor swimming pool that was left all to himself in Brainy's party tent.

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