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Title Translation of
Brainy's Smarty Party
FrenchLa grande fête du Schtroumpf à Lunettes
SpanishLa fiesta de Filósofo
GermanSchlaubis Smarty Party
ItalianLa festa di Quattrocchi
DutchBrillies wijze feest
You may also be looking for the event that goes by this name.

"Brainy's Smarty Party" is a Season 5 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


As Clumsy enjoys watering his rock garden outside his house, a snail delivers him the invitation to Brainy's Smarty Party, and no sooner after, every Smurf in the village also gets their invitation from Brainy to attend his Smarty Party, "with food, games, and Brainy, Brainy, Brainy beyond your wildest dreams". Everyone, that is, except for the Smurflings, who wonder why they weren't given one. Vanity tells them that all they need is the secret password, which Papa Smurf guesses is "Brainy". Nonetheless, the Smurfs are excited enough to attend, and soon find themselves gathered around a party tent put up by Hefty and Handy who did so in exchange for unlimited dips in Brainy's indoor pool. Brainy instructs all of his party guests to form into a line, though upon seeing that Papa Smurf was nearby, he has the red carpet rolled out especially for him to be the first to enter. Papa Smurf appreciates the treatment, but says that he must go gather some rare roots for some secret experiments and that he will come by to Brainy's party later.

Brainy's Party Invite
Brainy tries hard to be the life of the party.
The Brainy
Brainy doing the official Brainy's Smarty Party dance called The Brainy.

Upon entering the tent, the Smurfs see that all the decorations inside have Brainy's face on them: the balloons, the curtains, the chairs, and even an ice sculpture made in Brainy's likeness. Brainy then informs his guests that they must wear the Smarty Party tie in order to use the indoor swimming pool, which Grouchy grudgingly accepts. But Brainy notices some Smurfs who have crashed his party -- the Smurflings -- and immediately tells them one of the rules of his party is that only those who are 150 years old or older can attend it. This makes the Smurflings so disappointed, they end up telling Papa Smurf about Brainy's Smarty Party rule when he encounters them by the pond throwing pebbles into it. Papa Smurf then tells the Smurflings about the time he wasn't invited to an old trolls party because he wasn't an old troll and many of his friends were. Though he was disappointed, Papa Smurf says that he learned how to have fun in other ways with his friends. This inspires the Smurflings to throw their own kind of party called the Outcast Party, where they can let anyone enter and have fun anyway they want to.

Back at Brainy's Smarty Party, Brainy interrupts the fun of his fellow Smurfs by telling them it's time for them to do the official Smarty Party dance called The Brainy, which he says from Rule #768 that all Smarty Party guests must do. However, when Jokey gives Brainy one of his exploding "surprise" gifts, Brainy kicks Jokey out of his party according to Rule #902, that no Smarty Party guests can play jokes on Brainy. Jokey sees another party tent nearby put up by the Smurflings and decides to go attend their party and have fun. Soon Grouchy also gets kicked out for hating to do The Brainy (though no Smarty Party rule has been stated for this violation), and also goes over to the Smurflings' party. As Brainy gets back to his steps, he finds Lazy sleeping on the chandelier. He shouts "Violation" at his sleepy friend using the megaphone to wake him up, which Lazy just simply thought it was a "great vacation" and went back to his slumber -- having the result of being rolled out of the party by Brainy and into the Outcast Party. Later, as Vanity removes his Smarty Party tie to a flower tie, Brainy tells him that removing his tie is the direct violation of Rule #4 - leaving Vanity feeling insulted and storming off. Then Clumsy, who attempts to follow the steps to doing The Brainy, ends up knocking over a table of goodies, making a mess of his party host. Brainy angrily tells Clumsy he has violated Rule #3, that no Smarty Party guests can make Brainy look ridiculous, and so kicks his best friend out of his party.

This makes the other guests of Brainy's Smarty Party question the fairness of Brainy's Smarty Party rules, and decide that they are going to leave his party by violating the rules as well. Smurfette violates Rule #1 by sticking her tongue out at Brainy. Hefty violates Rule #2 by telling Brainy that he is an idiot. Greedy violates Rule #765 by taking Brainy's party food from his party. Soon every Smurf is leaving Brainy's Smarty Party to go over to the Smurflings' Outcast Party where they could have fun their own way. Even Clumsy happily attempts the same steps once more, except to doing the Outcast way instead.

Later on, Papa Smurf comes into Brainy's Smarty Party tent and sees that the only Smurf left in the party is Brainy, who tells him that all his guests have left because they didn't want to have fun his way. Papa Smurf tells Brainy that it's difficult to have fun if no one is allowed to be themselves, and suggests that maybe he should go over to the Smurflings' party where he could have fun with everyone else. Brainy at first feels that he couldn't do that because it would be admitting that he was wrong, but soon he swallows his own pride and goes over to ask to be invited. The Smurflings accept him just as he is and allow him to enter.

As all the other Smurfs continue to enjoy themselves in the Outcast Party, Papa Smurf decides to have fun his own way and takes a dip in Brainy's indoor pool. "Old trolls, smurf your hearts out," Papa Smurf chuckles as he dives in and relaxes.

Background Information

  • This episode seems to establish that the actual age of the average male adult Smurf (not counting Papa Smurf) in the cartoon show universe is around 150 years old. Although given that the comic book universe has the age of the average adult Smurf be 100 years old, this could also simply be an error on the part of the story creators. However, Brainy's Smarty Party rule that one must be 150 years old to attend it seems to only consider the Smurf's physical age and not his or her actual chronological age. The male Smurflings, though only physically fifty years old due to an age-reversing accident, are still chronologically 150 years old, whereas Smurfette, though physically around the same age as her fellow adult male Smurfs, is chronologically only about a few years old, being a magically-created Smurf instead of a naturally-born one.
  • The 150 years of age may also be a reference to the question Papa Smurf answers Brainy of how long it will take a baby Smurf to grow out of being a child in the episode "Once In A Blue Moon".
  • In the syndicated version of the episode, four parts have been edited out:
  1. The beginning scene where Clumsy is giving his rocks some water in the beginning was cut out, so the episode starts with the snail delivering the invitation to him instead.
  2. Lazy and Vanity breaking the rules of Brainy's Smarty Party.
  3. The Smurfs laughing at Brainy after Clumsy bumps into him, and before he sternly tells his friend to leave the party.
  4. Nat telling Clumsy that he can be himself if he is at the Outcast Party.
  • There are some errors in the episode:
  1. In the scene Smurfette has Smarty Party tie in the head and in the scene Where Clumsy firing on the party, Smurfette has the tie on neck.
  2. In one scene Nat had white trousers but his pants are brown.
  • The iTunes edition of this episode carries the syndicated Smurfs Adventures repackaging of this episode, as opposed to the rest of the episodes, which remain uncut and use the original Season 5 intro sequence and credits.

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