Big Nose
Also Known AsNone
OccupationGirlfriend of Bigmouth
Voice ActorPatti Deutsch

Cartoon Icon

Bignose is the girlfriend and later wife of Bigmouth. Like her boyfriend/husband, she is an ogre (or rather, an ogress) and probably suits her namesake by having a big nose, of which she can be very sensitive, to the point that she even consulted Gargamel about the possibility of having it shrunk. She tends to be less aggressive and more good-natured than Bigmouth or most ogres seen on the series. She usually is seen wearing a big straw hat with a flower in it, and like Bigmouth, speaks in limited English and in the third person. She has a nephew by the name of Bigfeet, which she and Bigmouth were watching over in the episode "Bringing Up Bigfeet".


Before settling down with Bigmouth, Bignose was also courted by an ogre named Bigteeth.

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