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Best Of Friends

Best Of Friends - The Smurfs is an album featuring the Smurfs that was released by K-Tel and Starland Music in 1982.


  1. The Smurf Song
  2. Smurf Square Dance
  3. Little Blue Car
  4. Dance with the Reggae Smurf
  5. Rockin’ Smurfs
  6. Smurfin’ Summertime
  7. Smurf Rodeo
  8. Happy Birthday
  9. Let’s Play Another Smurf


  1. Smurfing Around the World
  2. Follow My Leader
  3. The Best Friend of All
  4. Believe
  5. If You Come to Smurfing Land
  6. Ten Little Smurfs
  7. Here’s a Smurf
  8. There’s a Smurf
  9. Toy Shop
  10. Sleep Until the Brand New Day

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