Bacchus' Paradise

Bacchus' Dark Castle

Bacchus' paradise is a location that appears in the cartoon show episode "Paradise Smurfed". It is a beautiful tranquil garden hidden behind a waterfall filled with statues, pillars, ponds with swans, and a bush full of baked goodies growing on it, in which Bacchus, his servant Cicero, and his pet cat supposedly live to enjoy themselves. However, there is also a dark castle hidden behind one of the walls of this paradise, which Lazy, Brainy, and Greedy discover is where Bacchus' cook works to supply meals for his master. When the three Smurfs realize that they're going to be served as souffle a la Smurf in payment for their enjoyment of paradise, they tried to escape, but Brainy and Greedy made it out alive while Lazy was trapped inside when a gust of cold wind turned the waterfall into a solid sheet of ice. As it turned out, Bacchus' paradise was actually just a dream that Brainy and Greedy were trying to awaken Lazy from.

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