OccupationTamar's right-hand man
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceSeason 9 (Single Episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

Azoul is a character that appears in the episode "The Golden Rhino", he is Tamar's right-hand man and the leader of Tamar's gorilla army.

In the episode, he helps Tamar to catch a new golden rhino in order to replace the two other rhinos (later known as Rahdu's parents) which has not enough power to continue transforming objects into gold. He and his men arrived the jungle where Rahdu lived and captured it. Brainy Smurf, who is with Rahdu at that moment, tries to stop Azoul from catching it. However, he turned into a golden decoration by Rahdu's horn. Back to Tamar's palace Azoul and Tamar used Rahdu to carry on his parents' task, turning his palace objects into gold, which threatened the rhino calf's health as it had his parents. While they are frustrated as Rahdu resists from their order, Prince Pricari, who is Rahdu's owner, his two animals, Handy and Clumsy has arrived the palace and free the prisoners. Later, they even, get into the main hall of the palace and take Rahdu away. Both Azoul and Tamar are furious. They and the gorillas have a boat chase with Price Pricari. They even wrecked Pricari's boat. Unluckily, Rahdu and its parents turns their boat into gold which Tamar has wished for a long time. They sank into the ocean, before the boat has completely sank, Tamar orders Azoul to mark the location where to boat sank in order to brag the sunken boat later.

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