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Astro Smurfs Spaceship
Astro Smurf's spaceship
CreatorAstro Smurf (comic book)
Dreamy (cartoon)
PurposeSpace travel
First AppearanceThe Astro Smurf (comic book)
Season 1

Comics IconCartoon Icon

Astro Smurf's spaceship was a vehicle created by Astro Smurf in the comic book version of "The Astro Smurf" and by Dreamy Smurf in the cartoon show episode of the same name. It was a primitive-looking rocket ship that was powered by a foot pedal in the cockpit that turned a propeller at the bottom of the ship, with the intention that the propellers would lift the ship off from the ground.

In "The Astro Smurf", when Dreamy first attempted to use the rocket in order to travel to another world, he found out to his dismay that it was unable to lift off from the ground. Papa Smurf then set forth a plan in motion to make Dreamy believe that Handy had fixed his ship and it was now able to work properly. This required putting Dreamy to sleep with a raspberry potion, dismantling his ship and delivering him and the ship into an extinct volcano, reassembling the ship, and using a magic potion to transform himself and his little Smurfs into Swoofs.

In "Dreamy's Pen Pals", Handy had built a platform underneath the rocket ship to simulate the shaking of the ship, and had a constantly scrolling display of clouds attached to one of its windows to simulate its taking off from the ground.

The spaceship appears in a one-page gag in a non-English Smurf comic book where Astro Smurf has tea with Smurfette and mistakenly took her aquarium in place of his helmet.

The rocket makes an appearance in the Smurfs Game, where the user can access Planet Swoof. However, this rocket uses rockets to fly, and the large propellor is missing.

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Dreamys ship in smurfs village

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