Smurfs image

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The image that's been posted for the new Smurfs movie comes from, not from I don't think that it needs a PVCblue watermark; that site didn't create the poster and is not a copyright holder for that image.

Please let me know if you have any questions! -- Danny@fandom (talk) 23:24, June 6, 2010 (UTC)

NO, I own the picture, I took it, I created it, and by international copyright it is my intellectual property, just because steals it and crops of the copyright mark does not make it thiers.

I DO OWN that image as far as copyrights and intellectual property rights go as I am the "creator" - "picture taker" - "scanner"- if you have a copy of the magazine I got the image from and own that said magazine copy and make a image of it - the image, picture, scan is your intellectual property by copyright. Columbia pictures may hold the copyright on the image in the advert, and they don't, IMPS and Sony Animation do, but they do NOT hold the copyright on my intellectual property work, which states if you own an object, such as a book, magazine, figurine, etc, and even tho the manufacturer holds the creative and/or production copyright on it, if you take a picture of it or scan it for display - you own the the copyright on the picture that was taken or made of the object. Since you cannot seem to uphold international copyright law and/or just be honorable - as you can tell from the "stolen" and cropped image you choose to use that it fits directly in my image, I would appreciate it if you REMOVE all the images I have uploaded so far and I will NOT contribute here any further.

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