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Architect Cartoon
Architect Smurf
Voice ActorBrenda Vaccaro
First AppearanceSeason 7

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Architect Smurf is the designer of all the mushroom houses of the Smurf Village. He was voiced by Brenda Vaccaro.

In the cartoon episode "Skyscraper Smurfs", Architect was burned out on designing only mushroom houses and built a skyscraper to replace the village with the help of Handy. After a fire burns the skyscraper down, the Smurfs move back into the village.

In the Smurfs' Village game application, he quits his job because of the fire, though he resumes it in the new island part of the village (after Gargamel finds their original one). Since Handy worked on the main village, he couldn't build houses for the island, so Architect was persuaded to fill in for him.

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