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"Bad men are blind to the sparkle in a camel's eye."
Ambassador of Zad
OccupationDiplomat, Father
First AppearanceSeason 3

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Appearing only in the third season episode "The Moor's Baby", this diplomat from the Middle East travels to the kingdom in Europe where the Smurfs' village is located. His first stop on his trip is the home of an old friend, namely the wizard Homnibus, traveling with bodyguards, his wife, and his infant daughter Zona Shiba. He also has brought with him the concept of Algebra, a new way of thinking (which would come in handy later in the episode). His Camel's left eye has been replaced with a priceless emerald which he is safeguarding, doubtless figuring that hiding it in the open would be less expected than actually concealing it.

Somehow Lord Balthazar gets wind of the Ambassador's visit and orders his goons to get the emerald for him by any means necessary. The thugs intercept the Ambassador's retinue at Molar Mountain (home of the Tooth Fairy). Johan and Peewit volunteer their services to the Ambassador at the request of their King. Leaving Peewit with the Ambassador and his party, Johan travels back to the castle to get help for Shiba's teething pain from Dame Barbara. However, the two henchmen have sabotaged the high road bridge as part of their scheme to get the emerald, causing Johan to fall and get knocked unconscious. When his horse comes back alone as Peewit and the Ambassador's party are about to cross Molar Mountain, the Ambassador orders for the entourage to camp there until they find out what has happened to Johan. When Johan is found and brought back to the Ambassdor's main tent to receive treatment, Peewit points out that the bridge has been weakened by someone. This prompts the Ambassador's wife to suggest that someone knows of the emerald, but her husband remains positive that they will never find it.

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The Ambassador's Camel. A green-eyed monster, according to the Smurfs.

The next morning Zona Shiba is kidnapped by the two goons, but with Peewit's help the Ambassador and his men are able to capture them, demanding to know where the child is, threatening their heads if she has been harmed. After the two confess all, the Ambassador and Peewit find Shiba safe and sound, and with a tooth, as well as Algebra problems mysteriously written on the cave floor.

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