Allura 1
Allura's disguised form
Allura 2
Allura's true form
RaceHumanoid in appearance
Voice ActorUnknown

Cartoon Icon

Allura is a witch who appears in the episode "The Lure Of The Orb" that presents Poet Smurf with a magic orb that's supposed to give whoever touches it enlightened inspiration, appearing in a beautiful harmless form unto Poet at first. The magic orb, however, gives those that touch it a temporary boost of energy that distorts their mind with the pretense of inspiration, but in the end, leaves them physically drained and addicted to its power. Poet and several other Smurfs fell under the orb's power, and when it was broken, came to Allura, who promised them an orb they can use to rejuvenate them at any time, but, in reality, its power boost was so short that it left them under its thrall, making them Allura's prisoners. Hefty Smurf came along to rescue Poet and the other Smurfs from her grasp, but was captured by her minions, forcing Poet to break the main orb, releasing them from its power. Later on, as Poet completed his poem without any further magical help, Allura tried to present him with a new orb that he could use, but Poet rejected her offer, now knowing what the orb actually did to him and his fellow Smurfs. However, Jokey offered Allura something of his own that she could have -- one of his "surprises"!

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