Alchemist Smurf
Also Known AsApprentice Smurf
Magician Smurf
Voice ActorNot applicable
First AppearanceSmurf comic books (exact date unknown)
UniverseComic Books

Comics IconSmurfs Village Icon

Alchemist Smurf (original French name L'Apprenti Schtroumpf or Schtroumpf Magicien) is a Smurf who only appears in the comic books. He has an unusual interest in creating his own weird chemical potions, and magical experiments.


His first appearance was in the comic book story "The Smurf's Apprentice" where he, after several failed attempts to get Papa Smurf's magic book, goes to Gargamel's house and steals a single page of his book. The resulting formula makes him become a green lizard-like monster until the Smurfs help him return to normal.

He appears later in some short stories, dressed in a star-spangled hat and a blue cape, doing stage magic.

Smurf Videogames

Uh oh! Very Smurfy Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of either the Smurfs Franco-Belgian comic book series or the Smurfs cartoon show series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline of either.

Smurfs' Village

In the Smurfs' Village game, Alchemist appears at Level 23, he will give you an update on Papa Smurf's house. Once he is placed, he will unlock more levels in Papa's mini game.

Smurf Life

In the game, he gives out tasks and teaches the player to brew potions.

Uh oh! Very Smurfy Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.


  • His single episode role was taken by Clumsy Smurf in the Smurfs cartoon show.

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