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Title Translation of
Alarming Smurfs
FrenchPanique chez les Schtroumpfs
Spanish¡Alarma Pitufos!
ItalianAllarme fra i puffi
DutchSmurf Alarm

"Alarming Smurfs" is a Season 5 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


The Smurflings are out in the forest flying their kites (or, in Slouchy's case, trying to fly a kite) when they decide to invite the adult Smurfs to join them. However, Brainy is too busy fixing up the library, Greedy is too busy with frosting and "taste-testing" a giant cake, and Miner is too busy with checking the village well to make sure it's water-tight. In fact, all of the adult Smurfs seem too busy with their own things to have any time to play with the Smurflings, which makes them feel totally unwanted. Three of the Smuflings decide that they are going to run away just to see if the adult Smurfs would miss them, and Nat decides to go along just to make sure the other three don't run into any trouble.

As the Smurflings pack up their things in preparation for leaving the village that night, Greedy is near finished with his giant cake and goes up to the top of the cake to put the finishing touch to it. When he comes back down, however, he finds that his icing funnel is gone. Hefty is busy in his house lifting weights and has finished his repetitions when he takes a drink of water, only to notice afterward that his barbells are gone. A group of Smurfs eventually gather outside Papa Smurf's house to tell him that various important things that belonged to them are missing. Papa Smurf tells them to look again for their missing items, that they might turn up again. Later on, though, as more Smurfs gather outside Papa Smurf's house to complain about more things being missing, even Papa Smurf becomes a victim as his normal red Smurf hat is now replaced by a white one.

Brainy suggests that what the Smurfs need is a way to catch the thieves "blue-handed", like some kind of warning signal. This inspires Handy to come up with a device of his own creation, a small bug-sized alarm that could easily be attached to any object or place without being seen. Handy tests this device on a wrench that Clumsy picks up, and suddenly a shrill sound comes from the wrench that has the alarm at just the slightest touch. Soon Brainy and Clumsy are putting these tiny devices everywhere around the village, even in places where no one would think that the thief would strike. However, as Brainy and Clumsy enter the Smurflings' play house (even as they are finishing packing away things for their runaway trip), Brainy decides that it's not worth their time to install alarms somewhere that a thief wouldn't bother stealing things from and move onward to elsewhere. The Smurflings, meanwhile, decide to go forth on their trip before Brainy changes his mind and returns.

That night, though, as the Smurflings rummage through the things they have taken from the other Smurfs to remember them by to keep themselves from feeling homesick, Greedy is ready to have two midnight snacks with his cupcakes when he accidentally trips off an alarm. This wakes up other Smurfs, including Brainy, who gets up and runs outside his door, only to set off yet another alarm. In Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard is disrupted from his sleep by the shrill sound of the alarms, thinking that the Smurfs are having a party in the middle of the night. He decides to go out and find the Smurfs wherever they are, promising to make them pay for making him get up on the wrong side of the bed. The Smurflings also hear the alarms going off and realize that they're better off going home...if they can find their way home from the forest.

Back in the village, the Smurfs are in a panic as the alarms keep going off, but Papa Smurf calms them down by telling them not to touch a thing. He fears that the alarm system is not working well, but Brainy says that the problem is that they're working too well! Papa Smurf says the best course of action is to turn the alarms off, but the problem is finding them...all 9,000 of them that were installed!

Out in the forest, the Smurflings are confused as to which direction to go that would lead them home, when they hear Gargamel passing by their way. Ducking behind a bush, they watch as Gargamel follows the shrill sound of the alarms straight to the village, hoping that he'll catch them and make sure that that sound is the last they'll make. The Smurflings then decide to follow Gargamel.

Back in the village, Hefty and Farmer are out with their hammers to smash every single alarm they come across, including those hidden in places such as Smurfette's flowers and Farmer's smurfmelon patch, while Papa Smurf goes into the Smurflings' play house with Brainy, the only place Brainy hasn't put any alarms in. Papa Smurf finds a note attached to a bedpost written by the Smurflings, saying that they have run off because nobody has time for them anymore. Brainy and Handy feel guilty about being too busy with their own things to not spend any time with the Smurflings, but Papa Smurf says it's now time to get busy finding them.

Out in the forest, Gargamel now passes the Great Oak Tree, which is a sign to both them and the following Smurflings that they're getting closer to the Smurf Village. But then Nat's pet butterfly starts hanging around Azrael, which distracts the cat enough to swat at him. Nat tries to ward Azrael away from harming his pet, but soon joins his fellow Smurflings in climbing up a tree to escape Azrael. Gargamel sees that Azrael is distracted by something and tells him that they're not out in the forest to catch squirrels but Smurfs...when he sees Papa Smurf and a group of adult Smurfs approaching their direction. He hides behind a tree and waits until the group of Smurfs get closer to pounce on them.

The adult Smurfs notice one of the Smurflings' sacks and see that some of the missing items were in their possession all along. Papa Smurf realizes that something unsmurfy is going on, but an even unsmurfier thing is about to happen as Gargamel pops out of hiding to capture them. The other adult Smurfs make a run for it as Gargamel captures Papa Smurf, being surprised for a moment by the fact that Papa Smurf now wears a white hat. Azrael meanwhile climbs up the tree to get the Smurflings hiding upon a branch when Snappy takes out Handy's saw to cut the branch loose. Soon it breaks off, letting the Smurflings escape Azrael while also felling both him and Gargamel, releasing Papa Smurf from his clutches.

Back in the village, Papa Smurf scolds the Smurflings for both running away and for taking things from other Smurfs without permission, and tells them that the next time they feel lonely, they should tell him about it. The Smurflings now feel like they're truly wanted again, but that moment is interrupted by Clumsy accidentally setting off the alarms that he's gathered up. Papa Smurf boldly tells his little Smurfs to get rid of those alarms, but nobody has any idea of how to...except for Handy, who has a plan.

When Gargamel returns to his castle to finally have some peace and quiet, he is greeted instead by the same loud shrill sound that came from the village. Handy and the Smurflings call out from behind the safety of a rock, "Don't be alarmed, Gargamel", as they see the evil wizard and his cat now throwing a fit over the alarms going off in the castle.

Background Information

  • The iTunes edition carries the syndicated Smurfs Adventures repackaging of this episode, as opposed to the rest of the episodes, which remain uncut and use the original Season 5 intro sequence and credits.

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