CreatorHandy Smurf
First AppearanceThe Aerosmurf (comic book)

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The Aerosmurf was an airplane that Handy had built for Flying Smurf in the comic book story "The Aerosmurf". During its initial flight, Flying Smurf destroyed Smurfette's flowers and her laundry. When Gargamel captured the Smurfette and sent a note for the Smurfs, stating that he'll free her in exchange for her weight in gold, the Flying Smurf used his Aerosmurf to take Smurfette from Gargamel's net. Since Gargamel couldn't reach the Aerosmurf, he decided to make his own flying machine, composed of pedals connected to batlike wings. Gargamel shot arrows to the Aerosmurf, but Flying Smurf did a loop and threw explosive gifts (presumably acquired from Jokey Smurf) that destroyed Gargamel's machine. After landing, Smurfette promised to give something to Flying Smurf: the work of restoring everything he destroyed during his first flight.

The Aerosmurf appears again in the story "Salad Smurfs", when Chef Smurf comes up with a plan to cure the Smurfs who have been changed into vegetables by spraying them with the same formulas that were used in Farmer's garden. Chef flew the plane while Farmer sprayed the mutated Smurfs, which caused them to get very sick until Papa Smurf had cured them by taking a single bite of a sarsaparilla leaf. Eventually Chef lost control of the Aerosmurf and crashed it into a giant pumpkin, which after ingesting caused Chef and Farmer to mutate into vegetables.

A similar invention appears in the Marvel Comics' Smurfs limited series story "Smurf Plane".

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