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A Smurf For All Seasons was a play produced by Smurfette for the Smurf Day Pageant Play that took place in "Smurfette Unmade". The script for the play was written by Poet (which was heavily edited by Smurfette to reduce its length to a proper showing time of a play). Brainy was cast as the lead actor. The costumes for the play were created by Tailor, with Clumsy bringing in additional pieces for Smurfette to look over. Flowers were gathered for the play under the direction of Hefty, although this was disrupted by the appearance of Gargamel, who chased him and his group of Smurfs away before he found his legs bound by a vine. The Smurflings were in charge of the special effects, which included rain, snow, and breezes by a wind machine. Handy built the stage upon which the pageant play would take place.

The day on which the play finally showed, very few problems took place with the play itself, such as Brainy being deluged with water and the wind machine blowing a fake evergreen tree right into Brainy, knocking him off the stage. Nonetheless, the play was well-received, with Hefty liking the special effects more than he did Brainy's acting.

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