A Child Among The Smurfs
A Child Among The Smurfs
Original titleUn Enfant chez les Schtroumpfs
StoryThierry Culliford
ArtworkJeroen De Connick
ColoristNine Culliford
PublisherLe Lombard
Year of publication2007
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"A Child Among The Smurfs" (original French title Un Enfant chez les Schtroumpfs) is a comic book story created and published by Studio Peyo in 2007.

Plot Summary

During one of his travels, Papa Smurf and the stork carrying him find themselves caught by a storm. The stork breaks a wing, but a farmer named Adalbert Lebon finds the stork and wraps its wing. Papa Smurf must await hidden for several days until the stork's wing is cured. After Papa Smurf and the stork leave, a man arrives to Adalbert's home to bring him his nephew Jeanty, a spoiled brat.

The following day, Chef Smurf finds in the forest a rabbit whose ears have been tied. He then finds Jeanty pursuing a squirrel, and helps it hide from the evil child. Jeanty, searching for the squirrel, gets lost in the forest, but when he sees Chef Smurf, chases him to the Smurf Village.

At first, Papa Smurf doesn't believe Chef Smurf about Jeanty's bratty character, until Jeanty begins jumping on Smurf's houses and ends destroying Vanity Smurf's house. When Jeanty doesn't find his toy cat, he begins demanding it, and Brainy Smurf finds it, but when bringing it to Jeanty to calm him down, he accidentally moves a pillar of Vanity Smurf's house and the debris falls on the toy, so Jeanty gets angrier, takes a stick and destroys the village until Papa Smurf gives him a potion that makes him hit himself.

Jeanty decides to pretend to be good in order to learn magic from Papa Smurf. He fabricates a story about having escaped from his abusive uncle, and asks Papa Smurf to teach him magic to defend himself, but Papa Smurf knows Adalbert is a good guy after he helped his stork.

Papa Smurf sends his stork with a note for Adalbert Lebon, and while Jeanty is at the village, he helps rebuilding it to convince the Smurfs that he's good, yet Papa Smurf still doesn't teach him magic, and Jeanty has to be stopped from stealing formulas.

Some Smurfs go off on a far journey into the forest and Jeanty accompanies them, but when they return by the bridge, Jeanty jumps on the bridge to make them fall and ends falling himself along with them. After saving Jeanty and themselves, the Smurfs find Gargamel, who captures most of them, and when Chef Smurf tells Jeanty that Gargamel is a sorcerer, Jeanty captures Chef Smurf and gives him to Gargamel. Jeanty wants to become Gargamel's apprentice, so Gargamel makes him carry his stuff and do the chores.

During an argument with Gargamel, Jeanty takes his key and frees two Smurfs (one of them Chef Smurf). They escape to the village and tell Papa Smurf about those still imprisoned, so all Smurfs go to rescue them. It ends being a trap by Gargamel and Jeanty to capture the remaining Smurfs. Luckily, Papa Smurf's stork arrives and frees the Smurfs, and then Papa Smurf (on stork's back) faces Gargamel while the others free the previous prisoners. When the abusive Jeanty kicks Azrael, he mistakenly causes Gargamel's defeat when Azrael falls on his face, which causes them to fall in a well.

Jeanty catches Papa Smurf, but Papa Smurf asks Jeanty if he really wants to be like Gargamel, and Jeanty realizes that he doesn't, so he lets him go. Papa Smurf then escorts Jeanty back to Adalbert's farm, where they are happily reunited. Although Jeanty still causes his uncle some trouble, he has learned to handle it with a bit of his own. However, sometime after Jeanty's departure, Papa Smurf found out that the boy had switched labels on the bottles of his potions when one of them poured into an experiment causes an explosion.

In other media

The character Jeanty shares an element of mischief with Gargamel's apprentice from the cartoon show Scruple. However, where the two characters differ is that Jeanty is at first enamored with the idea of becoming the evil wizard's apprentice until he sees for himself that pursuing Gargamel's route was not the best idea, while Scruple himself was merely dumped upon Gargamel by the Dean Of Sorcerers and does not particularly like being stuck with his master.


  • This is one of the few times Gargamel mentions his original motive of creating the Philosopher's Stone. However, he originally needed just one Smurf.

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