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Title Translation of
A Bell For Azrael
FrenchUne clochette pour Azraël
SpanishUn cascabel para Azrael
GermanEine Glocke für Azrael
ItalianUna campana per Birba
DutchWie bindt de kat de bel aan?

"A Bell For Azrael" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Brainy and Clumsy are on the run from Azrael in the Smurf Forest. As they cross a road, Clumsy stops and hears something from a wagon coming his way that's attracted his attention, but Brainy pulls him into hiding just before the wagon blocks Azrael's pursuit. He stops and looks around for the two Smurfs after the wagon passes, then moves on in a different direction when he doesn't see him. Brainy and Clumsy then peek out from their hiding spot, with Brainy saying there's a got to be an easier way for the Smurfs to know when Azrael is coming. However, Clumsy is too distracted by the sound of bells and tells his friend what he's hearing. Then an idea hits Brainy, and soon he's dragging Clumsy along back to the village.


After this episode, the last thing the Smurfs want to hear are bells.

Upon arrival, Brainy asks his fellow Smurfs where Papa Smurf is, and Handy and Hefty tell him he's too late, that he went out into the forest with Smurfette to look for orchids. Clumsy suggests that they should wait for Papa Smurf, but Brainy is insistent that this idea must take fruition right away. Clumsy goes ahead and tells the other Smurfs that Brainy's idea was to put a bell on Azrael so that the cat can't sneak up on them anyone. Hefty thinks that it's not a bad idea, while Handy says that it's Brainy's idea, and he's hardly seen any ideas from Brainy that actually worked. Brainy goes on to tell them about the kind of bell that they need to make for Azrael, but Handy cuts right to the chase and says that they will make the bell, which makes the other Smurfs cheer.

Soon the Smurfs go to work on creating the bell; first, by mining the metal they need to make the bell; second, by melting the metal in a crucible; third, by pouring the molten metal into a mold made for the bell. As the metal gets poured in, Brainy complains that this wasn't the method that he had in mind, but that gets him tossed out of the village. Soon the body of the bell is ready, and Hefty is pounding on the dongle inside the bell upon the anvil, bringing it to shape.

Soon Brainy shows the completed bell to his fellow Smurfs, telling them that with it they will hear Azrael coming. Now he is asking for a volunteer who will bravely put the bell around Azrael's neck. The other Smurfs depart, but Clumsy calls after them to wait so that they could decide on who. Hefty and Handy both say that there's one Smurf who deserves the honors of putting the bell on Azrael, and that is the Smurf who thought up the whole idea in the first place -- Brainy. He reluctantly tries to pass on that idea, saying that they should have a draw of straws to determine who will be the lucky Smurf to bell the cat. As it turns out, Brainy gets the short straw and thus he wins the honors.

Brainy then proceeds carefully to Gargamel's castle with Handy and Hefty carrying the bell and Clumsy carrying the rope. Along the way, Clumsy makes Brainy rather nervous in his attempt to encourage his friend. And then they see Azrael lying around outside, stretching as he's trying to make himself comfortable sleeping. Brainy quietly and carefully sneaks up to Azrael, making sure the cat is still asleep, then he attempts to lasso the rope around the cat, but loop of the lasso only falls on his nose and Azrael sneezes it away. Brainy tries again, and this time the lasso catches Azrael's tail, looping the rope around it. Azrael awakens and finds that he now has a bell attached to his tail. The Smurfs watch as he runs around trying to get rid of the bell on his tail without any success.

Soon Gargamel comes out of his house to see what's going on with Azrael and finds a bell looped onto Azrael's tail. He takes his cat into the house and decides that he's going to use the bell against the Smurfs whom he suspects have put it upon Azrael. He removes the bell, places it over a brewing concoction, and recites an incantation that would make the bell ring whenever it detects the presence of a Smurf. He tests the bell out on a Smurf puppet on his other hand, and sure enough the bell works, indicating that the incantation worked, and that the bell will now track Smurfs wherever they go. Then Gargamel grabs his cat and places the bell back on Azrael's tail, saying that the Smurf hunt shall now begin.

Out in the forest, Papa Smurf and Smurfette are heading back to the village with a beautiful orchid they have found when they suddenly hear a bell ringing. Papa Smurf climbs up a tree and sees that Gargamel now has a bell on Azrael's tail, and that it's leading the two right toward him and Smurfette. The two Smurfs make a run for it across the bridge, but no matter where they go, Gargamel and Azrael are following right on their trail. Eventually, Papa Smurf and Smurfette make a dive into the river in the hopes that they would lose their pursuers. Gargamel and Azrael then cross the bridge again, only to find out that they lost their prey.

Back in the village, Papa Smurf and Smurfette are both covered in blankets and drinking a hot beverage while telling his little Smurfs about the bell alerting Gargamel to their presence in the forest. Clumsy reveals that the bell on Azrael's tail was Brainy's idea, and Papa Smurf says that Gargamel has now taken the idea and used it against the Smurfs. Hefty and Handy both complain to Brainy that the whole idea was dumb all along. Papa Smurf says that the idea was good at the time, and now they must come up with another idea.

In his laboratory, Papa Smurf is brewing up his own concoction which he plans to use on Azrael's bell. After it is ready, Papa Smurf takes a few Smurfs with him into the forest, carting the pot that contains the concoction. Soon they hear the bell again, which means Gargamel has found them. The evil wizard and his cat approach the location of the Smurfs, who soon go into hiding with Hefty setting up a trap to snare Gargamel. With the wizard out of the way, Smurfette and then Hefty lure Azrael into a log, where he gets stuck. The other Smurfs use this opportunity to bring the cart with the concoction up behind Azrael, causing the bell to be soaked in it. Soon the bell is no longer ringing, and the Smurfs safely go back into hiding.

Gargamel finally releases himself from the trap and then scolds his cat for letting the Smurfs get away. Then the bell rings again, and Gargamel and Azrael are now led up a hill to where they think the Smurfs are hiding. They pounce upon a bush, only to find Bigmouth behind it, who is now very mad because somebody has awakened him. The Smurfs watch and laugh as Bigmouth chases Gargamel and Azrael out of the forest.

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