2011 smurfs

Smurfs movie 6 pack

2011 smurfs2

one of the year edition packs

2011 smurfs 2

a display box with smurfs

1970-1979 edition

another year edition pack

1980-1989 edition

another one but theres two more!

1990-1999 Edition

after this pack, we have one more


last pack!

This is the 2011 wave of Smurf figurines. This wave will also make some new figurines for the new film. Toys R Us will also have Toys R Us exclusive Smurfs. You can still buy the Smurfs sold separately like the previous years. Not only will Schleich make figurines or other merchandise, Jakks Pacific will as well as revealed at the 2011 toy fair.

Regular Smurfs



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